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About Me The c.v.


I spent in the past 14 years of international experience in the automotive sector, building Brands in different Groups in the areas of Marketing, Commercial and After Sales in several European countries, diversified Brands (popular and luxury), in the HQ and subsidiaries, always with economic and image troubles.

My leadership was based on the force of character and determination on one hand, and the capacity to motivate and make my collaborators responsible on the other. Open-minded, systematic vision and ability to fast thinking and reacting, ability to break the predefined schemes and to give value to people.

Middle 2005 I decided to quit Fiat Auto for new challenges. In three years the CEO and the organization rules changed at least 3 times, too much, mainly for go to worst. I lost my beliefs in this company despite a huge salary.

After this break and the death of my father who worked very hard from 14 to 72 years old. More than 10 hours a day and a few week ends and few holidays. He grew up us and an automotive dealership, all his life. His pension was a half of his salary after paying all his life the maximum. After six month retirement a hearth attack finished with his life. My mother received as widow a half of the half of the salary. Thanks Public Administration, 58 years of contributions against half a year full pension.

I was 45. I also dedicate all my life to the companies which I worked for, I had success in my jobs and a very good salary, but... Then I decided it was time to dedicate my efforts to my thoughts and my likes. There is only one life to live.

Two years later, in 2007,  I decided to dedicate my time to things I like, mainly I started a collection of contemporary art, focused in Chinese contemporary art and I started an activity of consultancy, communication and proposing marketing projects.

 Furthermore, in 2010, I started to promote Chinese contemporary art organising exhibitions.

In 2014 I moved to London in order to find new opportunities and challenges.


Art Promoter Chinese contemporary art

From London - UK

2016 - present I promote various Chinese artists, building their website as well: and

In 2014 I organised a Chinese group contemporary exhibition in Gallery Dolors Junyent in Barcelona. Exhibition Website created by me.

In 2013 I organised the biggest Chinese contemporary art Exhibition outside China in Arts Santa Mònica Barcelona with MOCA Chengdu: and video.

2011-15 I ran a web art gallery in order to introduce Chinese contemporary art in the West:

Owner Compañía de servicios empresariales solca, sl

From Sitges- Catalonia and since 2014 from London.

In 2013 I have conceived, created, designed and marketed a Chess Game regarding The Succession War of Spain approved by The Comission of Tricentenari of Generalitat de Catalunya and Education Department:

Since 2010 Owner of the company dedicated to develop and promote marketing projects for the automotive, environmental projects, educational, contemporary art...  Such: with partners like Shell, BBVA, Fiat, DGT (Dirección General de Tráfico), CNAE (confederación nacional autoescuelas).


Turnover of € 22 bn and 44.500 employees, which produces the automotive brands Fiat, Lancia, Alfa Romeo and Commercial Vehicles for a total sales of 1.778.000 units in 2003.

Fiat Auto SpA           Turin – Italy

Jan. 02 – Jun. 05:  After Sales Marketing and CRM Director (Senior Staff, second level to the CEO, reporting to the President of the After Sales Business Unit). This department was created in December 2001 and I was asked to run it by the Marketing & Commercial President of Fiat Auto


Worldwide responsibility for CRM, After Sales marketing (parts and service), dealer corporate identity, brand buying experience, after sales PR, Parts & Service shows, Service conventions, brands boutique and Customer Satisfaction for the four brands: Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia and Light Commercial Vehicles. 43 employees.

The objective was to build from zero a Customer Relationship Management strategy for Fiat Auto worldwide and an After Sales Marketing strategy.

Major accomplishments:

Creation of a new range of fidelity products (extended warranties, maintenance programs, road assistance packages, “forfait” tools, credit card revolving and fidelity) in order to increase the Service share (5 points increase in 2004 vs 2002), helping increase Parts turnover by 5% and loyalty to the brands.

Customer Loyalty to the network in after sales increased by 17% in 2004 vs 2002, more than the market average.

Creation of a set of marketing tools for the markets and dealers: Fiat Auto Desk, webflyer, among other

Creation and launch of a pan-European CRM Program per Brand and sales channel

Re-engineering of all European Call Center processes and cost reduction of 30%

CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index) responsibility.

Creation and launch a Quick Service program: France, Spain, Belgium, Poland, Italy

Creation and launch a new Corporate Identity for the three Brands (sales & after sales).

Creation and launch of a 5-year warranty pack at the moment of the sale and refundable.

After Sales representative in Brand products launch committees.

Responsibility for Commercial and marketing actions for all the After sales products in the Italian Market.

The most important, the After Sales marketing starts to growth inside the Group. As an example, for the first time we launched the Alfa 159 including the maintenance program in the price.

Fiat Auto France, SA        Trappes (Paris area) - France

Mar. 99/ Dec. 01: Marketing Products and Service Director (Director) member of the Board reporting to the Managing Director.


Appointed by Fiat Auto SpA (Turin) to develop the Marketing and After Sales strategies of its subsidiary in France, for the four brands of Fiat Group: Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, and Light Commercial Vehicles. Only country where both responsibilities were together.

I was responsible for all Marketing Mix: advertising (budget: € 90M), prices, products, Dealer’s incentives, internet, Motor Shows, conventions, BTL, logistics, sales planning, commercial actions (budget: € 75M) and commercial policy, used cars policy and overall Training.

Moreover, the After Sales: warranty costs, repair capacity, Customer Care, Parts commercial results (parts turnover € 274M).

My responsibilities included dealing with dealers for commercial, after sales and marketing issues, and cost cutting to optimize results. Member of Assessment Center.

In addition I was asked by the HQ to participate as European markets representative in the re-build of the brands’ image, the 3 Brands positioning and the complete reorganization of the European Commercial Area.

Sales volume: 140.683 cars. 100 employees

Major accomplishments:

After three years of work, the main indicators came back to positive: awareness, image, parts profits, warranty costs, customer satisfaction, dealers satisfaction, market share (mainly dealers’ share) and costs control.

Achievement of the best ever market share and volume in Light Commercial Vehicles, Fiat Auto France becoming the first importer group in this category.

Best ever market share and volume in Alfa Romeo.

Defend Fiat’s volumes in a more and more difficult market environment

“Fight” for the day-by-day business to achieve the budgeted volume and economic results. The 2001 market share was 4.9%, while, after my departure, in 2002 it dropped to 4,1%, 3,6% in 2003 and 3,3% in 2004.

Successful launch of the most ambitious Fidelity Program ever launched by Fiat

Successful launch of OBS (Online Buying System)

Successful launch of Autoexpert, the used cars Brand of Fiat Auto.

New easier and powerful commercial policy for the dealers.

Launch of an advertising campaign for Alfa Romeo (Alfa Rouge) targeted for women like a fashion product that was next adopted as Alfa Romeo positioning around Europe.

Strong reduction in distribution costs

Recovered trust of the network

Tour de France sponsoring and closest work with PR Director.

Marketing Plan and Budget coordinator.

In a company where people’s management was crucial, a team had been built, even if in the last two years were changed two Managing Directors, two Commercial Directors, two PR, two HR Directors.


Turnover of  €5.8 bn and 13.000 employees, which produces the automotive Brand SEAT for a total sales of 442.088 units in 2004.

Groupe Volkswagen France, SA       Villers Cotterets - France

Jan. 98/Feb. 99 : Marketing Manager - Seat Division (Director) reporting to the Seat Division Director


Responsible for all Marketing Mix (advertising, prices, products, BTL, conventions, Dealer’s incentives, logistics, sales planning and commercial actions). 14 employees. Sales volume ‘98: 31.543 cars.

Seat SA wanted France to be at the same level as Italy and Germany, therefore, because of my experience in Italy, I was appointed to manage the local team to implement a clear marketing and commercial strategy to increase sales, image and awareness. In January 1998 France was the market where Seat’s market share was the worst (1.2%)

Major accomplishments:

At the end of 1998, overall sales increased by 16% (consistent with budget) and the economic results were in black for the first time after years of deep red

The market share in the first months of 1999 jumped to 1,8%.

Improvement of all ordering and logistics procedures to reduce lead times, stocks and costs

Development of commercial systems and supports to the Dealers This had to be made with less advertising and promotion investments in order to come back to the positive results.

Dramatic increase in image and awareness (+5 points) mainly thanks to the use of Lara Croft (videogames heroine) as testimonial (first time in TV and a car in 3D)

Excellent results in Dealers Satisfaction Index

Impulse of PR Department

Autogerma SpA         Verona – Italy

Dec. 94/Dec. 97  Marketing Manager - Seat Division (Dirigente) reporting to the Seat Division Director and member of the Board of Directors


Responsible for advertising, product, prices, BTL, commercial policy and actions, Dealer’s incentives, sales planning, sponsoring, Motor shows, conventions and researches. 4 employees. Sales volume ‘97: 52.382 cars.

To implement a clear communication strategy to rejuvenate the brand image through advertising and products and “give a sense" to Seat in one of the most competitive sectors, even though investments were lower than in the past, with less personnel, a worst price index and in a deep crisis of the automotive sector and inside Seat, SA until beginning of 1997

Major accomplishments:

At the end of 1997 the results of the SEAT Division within Autogerma SpA were in black after years of big losses and the market share was at 2.5% vs 2.1% beginning 1995. Second yearly volume ever reached.

Implementation of a customer care culture

Use of Deborah Compagnoni (Alpine Sky World and Olympic Champion) as testimonial, which led, at the end of 1997, to the highest increase in the brand’s image. First time in Seat to use a testimonial. Successful Brand positioning.

Unique successful launch in Europe of Arosa model, with a full Marketing strategy targeted for women

Development of new sales channels:

o TV-promotion: SEAT has been the first brand in Italy to sell cars via TV promotions

o Seat Shock System: first interactive sale system installed in dealers’ showrooms

In 1998, after leaving, Seat Italia decided to change the yearly program already in the oven and the result was a dramatic drop in sales (-30%) and a return to red figures.

Seat Italia SpA          Milan - Italy

June 93/Nov. 94:  Marketing Services Manager (Dirigente) reporting to the Managing Director and member of the Board


Responsible for product, prices, commercial policy and actions, sales planning, and logistics. 11 employees. Sales volume in ‘94: 38.301 cars.

Help the Managing Director and the Financial Director (both from Seat HQ) to implement a new commercial and marketing policy in the subsidiary bought from a private importer.

Major accomplishments:

Implementation of internal systems (logistics, stocks and sales planning)

Introduction of a new product/price policy

Introduction of network objectives

Development of a new customer satisfaction culture

During the last 9 months to cope with the merge with Autogerma SpA (VW-Audi importer). Strikes in Seat Italia, methods and systems integration with Autogerma.

Seat, SA           Barcelona – Spain

June 91/Feb. 92: Area Manager for Portugal and Greece (Commercial Export Market) Reporting to the South Europe Division Director of the Exterior Commercial Department.

Mar. 92/May 93: Area Manager for Italy (Commercial Export Market)


Portugal and Greece were the markets where Seat had the best market share. Both were private importers.

Afterwards I was promoted to the third market of Seat, Italy

Major accomplishments:

I contributed to improve the market share from 3% to 4.5% in Portugal and from 3% to 6% in Greece.

Italy was the third market worldwide for Seat and one of the three subsidiary companies, where the involvement of the central staff in sales and marketing policies of the country were the highest.

I helped creating a closer relationship between central staff and local markets, actively participating in strategies implementation, mainly commercials.


Welfare Department - Generalitat de Catalunya     Barcelona - Spain

Jun. 89/May 91: Contracts Manager

Jan. 89/May 91: Economist



During the first 5 months I worked as economist (level 20) in charge of reports and economic affairs.

As of June 1989 I was appointed Contracts Responsible (level 24) with the economic responsibility of all the contracts made by the Department (buildings, researches, etc.). I had the responsibility to control and execute a yearly budget of € 60m.

Major accomplishments:

Procedures simplification, highest level of budget execution and imagination to apply the laws in order to fulfill the objectives


Minoria Catalana (CiU)         Barcelona - Spain

Sept. 88/Dec. 89: Economist


Macroeconomics analysis and economic reports for Parliament members. (Second job after the main one in the Welfare Department for a whole year).


1988: Degree in Economy (business management speciality). Universitat de Barcelona.

1989: Post-degree in Management of building and real estate companies. Universitat de Barcelona.

Education (others)

1991: Training of buying policies in companies and in public administrations. ESADE – Bcn

1992: Training of management by objectives. ESADE – Bcn

1994: Intensive course of Deutsch in Friburg (D). 15 days

1996: Training of Assesment Center. VW

1997: Training of marketing oriented and marketing planning. CFMT – Milan

2001: Training of Assesment Center. Fiat Auto – Turin

My Publications and videos

Management book: How (not) to send to hell a multinational

Art Collection website

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Youtube channel


English fluent

French more fluent

Italian bilingual

Spanish native

Catalan native

Deutsche some knowledge

Chinese some knowledge, currently on progress

Hi. I’m Josep. In life we cannot limit ourselves to a single goal, which is why I've decided to do the things I craved  and could fill my need for knowledge and experimentation. The c.v. at a glance.