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2 Jul - 28 Sep 2013. The exhibition Pure Views - Transformations of Chinese Contemporary Art, curated by Lu Peng,  is an attractive and comprehensive survey of Chinese contemporary art, includes painting, sculpture, video, multimedia and installations.Artists: Cao Jingping, Fang Lijun, He Sen, Hong Lei, Jin Jiangbo, Li Chao, Li Qing, Li Rui, Mao Tongqiang, Mao Xuhui, Na Wei, Qiu Anxiong, Shao Wenhuan, Shen Na, Shi Jinsong, They, Tu Hongtao, Wang Guangyi, Xie Fan, Yang Mian, Yang Qian, Yang Xun, Ye Yongqing, Yue Minjun, Zhan Wang, Zhang Jian, Zhang Peili, Zhang Xiaogang, Zhang Xiaotao, Zhang Ya, Zhou Chunya.

Arts Santa Mònica

A group exhibition of contemporary Chinese artists born from the collaboration between Dolors Junyent Galeria d'Art in Barcelona and L-Art Gallery in Chengdu. October-November 2014, it will host 13 young artists but already has a high profile with the theme of nature that shows what is happening in the Chinese art scene today. Artists: He Sen Li Rui, Ma Lingli, Qian Jiahua, They, Xie Fan Yang Mian Yang Xun, Zhang Tianjun, Ya Zhang, Wang Jun, and Zhou Chunya.

Galeria Dolors Junyent

Beginning 2011 we reshaped this website from a Gallery in Italy and run a branch of this art gallery based on web in Barcelona, specialised in Spanish and Chinese contemporary art.

Since 2016 to present, I promote various Chinese contemporary artists and build their website as well.


I organised several exhibitions in Barcelona, big and small, for public institutions and private galleries. I’m also able to sell works from the greatest Chinese artists due to my friendship with them and great people in China. Moreover to organise exhibitions of western artists in the biggest Museums in China. It’s my way for art2feedbrains.

Organising and selling Chinese contemporary art