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In 2010-2011 we organized the 1st edition of Spanish Ecocarnet in driving schools. With a very specific target and aimed at businesses looking to future drivers as their customers. Partners: DGT, CNAE, BBVA, Shell and Fiat.


In 2013 I was asked by Nordica (owner of Blizzard) to develop a brand positioning. Due to changes in management at Nordica the project didn’t go ahead the presentation.

Blizzard positioning

In Italy, CSE Italia is developing several projects with a huge success. All this projects can be adapted at any country and company who search to reach this targets.

Projects on demand Which pROJECT is right for you?

In partnership with the CSE Italia, an agency from Verona Italy, our aim is to introduce the co-marketing and promotions in Spain with strong knowledge in sectors:like the automotive, ecology and art. Projects key in hand and covering 360º actions from website to street actions. We are able to develop projects arround Europe. More details regarding this marketing projects can be found in the mini website decicated to my way mgmt2feedbrains.

Marketing projects ecology, auto, 360º, on target.