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Sometimes the nicest projects became a disaster in terms of results. But, the important thing is to know from the beginning the risks and accept them. That was the case: a project more for the soul rather than the pocket.

The idea was how being able to bring our young people and in schools the events of 1714 so important for the history of Catalonia and relatively unknown in an entertaining, instructive, research, leisure and especially developing his intelligence.

It was a very intense research expensive because of few sources exist to reproduce these characters and in many cases are the result of different representations. As for the characters and uniforms, work has been intense for not only the origin but also who and what willhas to represent each piece of the chess. In addition there are no figures of any of these characters in the market, which adds historical and representative importance to the chess game.

The figures are of PUR (polyurethane) material more durable and quality than plastic or resin that can be found normally in the market. Moreover can be painted.

42mm to 73mm are relatively bigger than other games that represent historical facts.

Presented in a version hand painted and other to be painted.

The game meets the safety standards of toys CE EN-71.


I developed all the project from 0. Historical research, design of the figures, searching the supplier, quality control, packaging, e-commerce, website, documents and so on.

The project had the support of the Education Department of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the comission of the tricentenari 1714-2014.

There is no other chess in the world representing the Spanish succession war