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The book  is originally in Italian, well  in my own italian, so very sorry for the mistakes but I beleive that will also contribute to the fun. I’ve always been worry about what will happen with all the things I’ve learned in live.  So, I decided to writte a book with all my experiences in management. 2005.

my management thoughts

You can find the catalogues of the exhibitions organised, moreover than other documents published regarding Chinese contemporary art at ISSUU.

Catalogues and other arts

I’m waiting to write together a new chapter.

Open to new projects Which SKILLS ARE right for you?

The title reflects perfectly about the content and about the way how is written: Come (non) mandare a putane una multinazionale.

In English How (not) to send to hell a multinational.

Take your time and enjoy it. Maybe during a pause in the airport or further in the plane.

Memories that last a lifetime